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    How can I get my Spiritual energy back


    I am a Seeker of Truth, I have been seeking truth for almost 50 years and am hoping to be able to help all of you to do the same,


    I am but one drop in the ocean of humanity that mingles with all of you in order to understand what it is and why it is that we are here doing what we do.


    There are many of you that do or wish to do what I am doing, you are seeking answers to many questions that perplex you, there are many ways that this may be accomplished,


    though it is not necessary to believe in God or the Tao, there does have to be a belief in your true self in order for any progress to be made,


    there is an intelligence within us and all around us that is illusive but hopes that we recognize its existence, we are all part of it and it is all a part of us,


    we need to be able to relax our preconceived beliefs and let go in order to be able to make the best use of this power,


    we all have competition in this seeking adventure and it is US, our material selves that live within the senses try to convince us that there is nothing more than meets the eye,


    our spiritual selves have no limitations as our material selves have, this is the part of us that we need to take notice of and learn from,


    our material self has all of the advantages going for it, the senses are its tools that it wields in order to sway us to its thinking,


    it is native to the 3-dimensional environment in which we now live and will deny any existence other than its own,


    God or a higher self is not in its agenda because it is not of the senses and is not even material in existence, its control of the ego is all that it wants, period.


    The Ego can be convinced of the existence of a true self or spiritual self and can be trained to remove some power from false personality (material self)



    As we all have our own version of the truth, this is driven by our material needs and spiritual beliefs as our emotions guide them,


    a subjective truth is what we believe according to our material needs and how our emotions seem to deal out our priorities,


    if what someone says attracts us for whatever reason, we may label this the truth or if it strikes us as something else, we may dismiss it as a lie,


    our subjective selves tend to be skewed, and cannot always be trusted, our duality makes a game of push and pull in how we prioritize the meanings of statements or opinions,


    our physical, material selves tend to cater to the senses while our spiritual selves have much loftier goals,


    by creating an objective self, we are better able to discern facts from fiction, this is most effective in our physical existence when a possibility of proof can be obtained to some extent,


    whereas in the spiritual realm, truths are seemingly always subjective and cannot always be proved or disproved either way,


    there may be the argument that there is no evidence to back up spiritual beliefs, and physically this may be true,


    but spiritual beliefs are not of the material world and cannot really be judged by material views,


    they endure because they are of a personal nature that has little to do with anyone else's beliefs,


    the creation of a separate, objective self can be accomplished by pretending that you are another person that is outside of any particular situation that only observes without bias or thought of personal gain,


    this person must be detached from your ego and material self which will sway you towards what your false personality may believe,


    it shall take what you observe and what you feel for what ever reason and let it be known to you,


    hidden meanings and agendas will become apparent and a freedom will come that allows you to perceive what actually is, rather that what you may have thought you believed,


    deep seated beliefs , prejudices and fear based dogmas will become visible and then they will be able to be dispersed and replaced by a more truthful representation,


    many people are easily swayed by emotion and are distracted by alternative agendas other that what they need to see and understand,


    preconceived notions and third party interpretations will color your truth as to what your ego wants to believe,


    in physical situations proof either way may be available but is usually ignored because of the emotional control of the ego.


    Stay detached, and become more able to see clearly what is going on.

    How Might I tell the Truth from Lies in Media


    The Media is a very competitive industry and when the majority of factual information is covered by major networks, that leaves an opening for non factual conspiracy types of information to be passed along as fact,


    as an example I will use the GOP and their fragmented party of Republicans, I loved Reagan as a governor and as a president but the Republican party has changed and has torn itself apart,


    Our previous president has abused his power to sway millions to believe his big lies and the Republican party is following suit because of greed, power and fear,


    a few Republicans have held their ground and have sided with the truth and have been labeled traitors and threatened and harassed for their integrity,


    some of the media outlets have taken advantage of this unpopular stance and have decided to side with the liars because the numbers tell them that there is more money in conspiracies, boat rocking and lies than telling the truth and using genuine journalism,


    Fox News, News Max and One America are slicing up this pie of dis information while abusing our first amendment rights all in the name of the almighty dollar,


    they abhor fact checkers and twist every sound bite into information that they spread out of context to further their agendas,


    firstly, recognizing that the republican party has been greatly fragmented shall show you that something is horribly wrong,


    being divided, they shall not survive for long and these 3 media outlets are taking advantage while they can,


    their bias skews their validity and as far as I am concerned they can no longer be trusted in the way of truth,


    I will not even watch them for weather predictions and I suggest that everyone that values the truth will do the same,


    the type of reporting that they now do are only opinions to advance their agendas,


    there are still plenty of reputable media outlet that value the truth over all else and have actual journalists as opposed to glorified shock jocks,


    what amazes me the most out of this is that so many people choose to believe just one person that is a proven liar over the vast majority of their fellow country men,


    possibly it is because they are so much like him and hope that his deranged ideals become the nations norm, nevertheless, anyone interested in peace and the truth and justice should not follow him and those that support him,


    this is not to say that all of these other media outlets are infallible, but at least many inconsistencies are mostly simple mistakes and are not orchestrated out of lies from the get go,


    even the conspirators are becoming tired of the same old lies and his power is waning, some day these 3 media outlets will return to reality and become worth paying attention to,


    but not when their agendas are still so painfully obvious, an investigation into which news outlets have won awards in journalism will present a good starting point when you are seeking the truth,


    high standards are still being maintained in the news, it just has to be searched for a little harder.

    How can you determine the Truth from an Opinion


    Everyone has an opinion about everything, just because someone is or was in a position of power does not make their opinions fact, this in fact would point to that particular person having an agenda to back up their opinion,


    factual truth can be backed up with hard evidence, when more opinions are presented to back up other opinions it is becoming quite apparent that something is wrong,


    this compounds when emotion and distraction are used to confuse and confound, listening to a single person's opinion and that same single person's explanations limits your perception greatly,


    people get caught up in something that has no basis in fact and cannot be proven as such but are talked into believing the reasons that are given because they have chosen to keep listening to that one person or another that also only listens to that one person,


    they have chosen to have no reasoning process of their own and end up being at the mercy of the one individual and what they say as their only source of information,


    to make things worse, there are news media outlets that have also chosen to follow this one individual because this is the only profitable course for them to follow even if what they say is not factual,


    do not worry, this is not a lost cause, just stop listening to this one individual and those that have sold out to the mighty dollar and pursue the other 80% of media and search out the fact checkers and trust in the moral majority that actually believe in hard evidence,


    this will bring you back to reason, the conspiracies amount to no more than an attempt at domestic terrorism and should just be ignored, if they really amounted to anything the reputable news outlets would pick them up as real news,


    the agendas of these liars that prey upon the emotions of the loyal patriots of our country have twisted the truth to meet their agendas of power, greed and misinformation,


    they need only be ignored for reality to retake the ground that has been diverted, when it comes to spiritual truths and spiritual opinions, you must rely on your intuition to help with your beliefs,


    there is very little hard evidence that can be realized when it comes to spiritual opinions, techniques differ and every ship has a different course,

    you may also test some of your spiritual beliefs which may take many years, if you are fortunate, something enlightening may happen to you that will make this much easier,


    Just remember, don't be a groupie and think for yourself, wisdom and truth is not a commodity wielded by the rich and powerful, it is learned from many others that have these traits without agendas.

    How is the Truth of the World Accessed?



    World truth can be a shared experience or a fragmented experience, the accumulated knowledge of mankind is more sparse the further back it goes, facts may be obtained but the truth about certain details will always be sketchy,


    the media lately has made this quest even more difficult with their individual agendas designed to snag the biggest audiences, this leaves the truth mostly cloudy at best, this is a dangerous venture as it is not currently realized how people perceive what they express as facts,


    the now civil unrest is a testament to how the media has abused its position by pushing specific agendas to maximize profits, true journalism is something that must be sought on one's own,


    unbiased views must be discerned carefully to be assured of its validity, Fox news has decidedly chosen to play on both sides of the tracks, they are clearly anti democrat and tend to support what ever has the most controversy,


    their only true news makes up what people really do not care about, I tend to ignore everything that comes out of Fox News so there is little chance of being duped, Fox is a rich company and is able to pay to run its stories, if it says Fox, it gets passed,


    it seems that all of the far right news outlets have lost touch with reality and appeals to those that tend to believe in conspiracy theories, they know exactly what they are doing and tend to stop when they get sued,


    they abuse the first amendment and drag our democracy through the mud and call it journalism, what you decide to watch and consider the truth is what forms your character, it is what makes you, you,


    being complacent in what you view from just one source and accepting it as the truth, narrows your perceptive abilities, you have been baited and are now snapping at the worm that dangles before you,


    you are forgoing your free will for someone else's version of facts in the guise of opinion or visa versa, it is simple to fact check and listen to other views, some are based on conjecture and opinion and others are based on fact and can be verified,


    if you are willing to be led to believe something by having your emotions inflamed and are buying in to self serving ideas clouded with ideas of patriotism and confused sentiments, you are not truly paying attention to what bottom line is being pressed upon you,


    these tainted news outlets may come to the realization that people appreciate the truth over agendas of greed, but as far as I am concerned, it will be quite a while before I forget what they have done and tried to do and will stick to non opinionated news for my truthful facts about the world.

    What News Sources are Unbiased?



    This is something that can never be because the news sources that use facts and true investigative reporting will always be biased towards the truth,


    it is not that Fox News is biased towards the right and MSNBC is biased towards the left, it is that Fox News is an opinion outlet and MSNBC is an actual news station,


    it may not seem fair that the Republicans are always seeming to be picked on and are portrayed as being deceitful, but that view seems to be supported with the most facts,


    Fox News has a larger viewer base because it attracts more of those that need some sort of validation for their faulty, corrupted views,


    if you think about it, 2.5 million viewers is rather paltry when the US has a population of over 325 million, Fox news is a mis-information station as far as I am concerned,


    their main goal is to try to discredit anything democratic, they seem to support all of the radical ideas that are going around, Tucker Carlson for example has no intentions of speaking the truth as he may view it,


    his opinions are crafted to create the most controversy as possible, this is done solely for ratings, what Fox does not realize is that people actually believe what they put out there,


    it is like taking advantage of a mentally handicapped person purely for material gain, their views on Russia's invasion of Ukraine only works to help Russia's propaganda as if they needed more false information supporting Putin,


    basically put, the Fox network is nothing more than media whores that will do and say anything for money and ratings even if it destroys democracy and every fiber of trust that they may have ever had,


    supporting Russia in this case is a big mistake on Fox's part, comrade Carlson has gone just too far in the support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine,


    this will end up putting the last nail in their popularity coffin, it seems now that it is easy to choose right from wrong, if you are a radical that cares nothing about the truth or democracy then Fox is for you,


    yes, there is a bias, and if you can't recognize what side you should be on then truth is not in your best interest.

    Telling the Truth to Friends


    You may have many opinions that you actually believe are the truth, and you are willing to tell your friends these so called truths and feel that they are the only way to believe in each given subject,


    so who is this really speaking? And what motivations are presented to your so called friends for these views? Many of us have our own agendas and many of us choose to believe what we wish to believe because of our own biases,


    what we may determine as the truth is nothing more than repeating another s opinion, when we allow ourselves to be drug into someone's web of lies and deceit, we unknowingly pass this agenda on to others,


    we choose to pick some media station as our go to news information, when in actuality it is an opinion station that just says what it takes to get their ratings higher, unfortunately, Fox news is one of these stations,


    even though they seem to have a mix now of some actual journalism along with their shock opinions they still cannot be trusted as to their intentions overall, it is still best to view news from a variety of sources,


    reputable journalism that does not take sides is starting to become rare, fact checking is one of the last pillars of support for true journalism, Fox news most definitely has an agenda, and mostly it involves some sort of generation of controversy to increase their ratings,


    unfortunately these days, far right opinions have very few facts to support them and it is making the GOP look bad, hopping on this band wagon seems to be the new radical popular ride even though it isn't how people would really live their lives if they had to uptake these views themselves as a personal choice,


    like the Washington Examiner, they are quick to criticize anything that is Democrat but has nothing good to say about the GOP, their biases are overwhelmingly obvious, they are also considered an opinion outlet,


    your choices that you choose to deem factual and pass to your friends are your business, just remember that your choices follow you in all aspects of your life,


    it is interesting that so called conservative media outlets seem to be the new boat rocker radicals, they make claims of facts but only present opinions from the far right,


    they filter all information so it is tailored for their money making base of viewers and make sure it is something they want to hear,


    factuality is not in the equation, only the preservation of delusion, so if telling the truth to your friends is important to you,


    pay attention to where you get your information and don't end up being someone else's puppet.

    What is the Truth that sets you free?



    There is a difficult truth that has the ability to set you free, actually it is many truths that many of us refuse to accept, it is the truth that attacks our physical, material self in the way that appeases our senses and is emotionally based,


    it is every truth that we refuse to accept because of our pride or greed or any number of unwholesome sinful ideals that we embrace in the name of our self serving needs,


    we all want to hear and believe what we believe is right even if it is morally wrong, we will go so far as make excuses that will enforce these skewed beliefs, we will search out those that will reinforce that selfish version of reality,


    deep in our hearts we know these beliefs are wrong but we are too prideful and arrogant to accept other answers, so we twist our reason out of proportion so as to make it seem that we are right,


    you would probably like to have some examples of these truths that many of us are unwilling to accept, they will be given here but many of you will not like it but may possibly change your mind after reading these observations,


    there is a virus out there that is spreading but can be contained and defeated with our own enlightened mindsets, it isn't Covid but can end up being much more dangerous,


    it is the belief of what one single person has been presenting that appeals to the baser wants and or needs of our physical, materials selves,


    it is directly appealing to our emotions through the reasoning that our country is under attack and it needs to be defended and made great again,


    there is a substantial portion of our population that believe through the use of radical ideas that this change is able to be made to happen,


    our previous president has been and is currently attacking the basis of our democracy through unproven lies, his party happens to be the Republican party and the majority of those in this party are in great fear of what he can do to the ones that refuse to follow his particular beliefs,


    this in effect has ruined the GOP, those that follow him have turned out to be spineless pawns that have essentially gutted a previously perfectly good party that has done great good for our nation,


    there can be no denying that if after the presidential election our previous president after a resonable amount of recounts had conceded to the loss of the election and told all of his followers that he had made a great try of it and he would see them in 2024 for another try, there would be a great possibility that the GOP would still be intact,


    instead, this one person has relentlessly pursued this one lie to use all of his followers as pawns in his game to regain power, he has tried to make this a political issue,


    but it is clearly a matter of truth and lies, many attempts have been made to prove his lies to no avail, yet he still waves this proverbial carrot of deception under the noses of his followers,


    of course, the right wing media outlets have jumped on board with the lies because they intend on cashing in on radicalization of compounding lies and the people that listen to them are happy because they are being told what they want to hear,


    this is all about money and power, the truth is irrelevant in their eyes and the apparent end will justify the means in their minds, this virus needs to be stopped and contained,


    if everyone was willing to look into their own hearts to realize the truth, they will have to accept the fact that they were wrong for being duped into believing something that has absolutely no basis in truth,


    the alternative is what seems to be what is attempting to happen right now, believing conspiracies like the replacement theory is degrading what our democracy is all about,


    it is embracing racism and making fascism a replacement for our democracy, it is taking a no brain er situation like outlawing assault weapons and having good background checks for purchasing other weapons and making it about losing our second amendment rights,


    come on! Really! An assault weapon is for assaulting not defending,

    pistols and or shotguns are more than enough to protect anyone's home,


    only law enforcement and the military need assault weapons, but greed has traded our children's lives for the almighty dollar, certain members of the GOP need to be replaced to make all of this nonsense cease,


    these are the truths that can set all of us free, assault weapons are only the start for the makings of a civil war that is attempting to make America great again like it was before the previous civil war,


    we already have the national guard and local law enforcement to protect us from potential invaders, and with our own rifles, pistols and shotguns we can help if need be,


    people need to do their own thinking and stop letting one person that is a compulsive liar and is more likely than not just a domestic terrorist that cares nothing for our democracy subvert our peaceful ways of life,


    it is that a great amount of people look to follow people instead of thinking for themselves, another good example is the richest man in the world,


    he seems to have great ideas about advancing and improving our world but now it seems that he is letting it go to his head, with his massive amount of followers his cryptic tweets manipulate people into doing his bidding,


    the SEC has recognized this and fined him a pittance out of what he actually made for his efforts, a tweet about crypto currency brings it sky high, he sells it and then mentions it has no real intrinsic value,


    So it dives, his Twitter bid ploy, made it seem that he was going to open all of Twitter to everyone with no limitations but he conveniently disclosed all of his dealings to make it so public that controversy brought an end to that little experiment of his,


    because he is unhappy about paying taxes like the rest of us, he has mentioned that he will now vote republican and was vague as he could possibly be about it in his tweet,


    of course this is where he decides to ease his way into politics, sound familiar? Manipulation of the masses by another power hungry billionaire, unfortunately, he has gained many followers for reasons other than politics,


    he has enough money to fight allegations about sexual harassment but instead he pays them off to make it all go away, also another familiar repeating situation from a billionaire that wishes to cover his tracks,


    since his followers believe he really cares about what they think, a good percentage of them shall willingly become pawns in his agenda,


    if people were willing to think on their own accord and see through these deceptions, the truth would end up slapping most of them in the face and our democracy would be much more effective,


    there would be much merit in disbanding all of the parties and making all politicians independent, this way everyone would be voted for by their own merit and decisions made in congress and the senate would come from each individuals beliefs,


    this would also put an end to the electoral voting process and would leave it all up to the people, period. There would no longer be a (Gang Of Pariah) that sticks together for their own selfish interests instead of the interests of the people,


    candidates would all have an equal amount of money for their campaigns instead of greedy, rich self interest companies supporting those that will pursue their interests,


    there can then be no reason for civil war as there will no longer be a "them", only a majority of "us" that has elected our officials evenly and fairly,


    obviously this is not going to happen in the near future because of the rampant greed and quests for power, neither party will be on board for this because they believe in power in numbers, and that is in the parties, and not the people's,


    these are the truths that can set all of us and possibly even the world free, they just need to be embraced and realized so they can begin to come to fruition,


    stop being a follower and start being an original thinker, take your own destiny into your own hands with your own original opinions and stop letting others do your thinking for you.

    This is the Truth



    For those that value the truth above all else, the determination of how this comes about is of paramount importance,


    the truth must be sought out and not just accepted coming even from someone that you trust, it must be felt in your heart and not derived from what you wish it to be,


    if it is a physical, material truth, it has the ability to be proven or dis-proven by logic and reason, if you believe it can be found on any social network, you are sorely mistaken,


    sure, there are instances where something truthful is said and can even be verified by a reputable source, but all people have agendas and you are not always aware of what it might be,


    a truthful statement would be that a certain something that has more virtuous intents than otherwise, it would have a basically inert goal, it is not meant to profit or accuse,


    it removes the curtain and camouflage to show you what actually is, the truth does not have an agenda, it is inherently selfless in its intentions and only reveals what actually is,


    it does not conspire, it does not deceive, it enlightens, it is sad when information is knowingly presented as truth but is actually a deception,


    it is even more sad when this information is believed, these believers in such fantasies are doing more than agreeing with a falsehood,


    they are lowering themselves and their apparent values to a level that has no credence or validity just for the sake of their own pride,


    the worst of it all comes from those that use to be trusted as reporting the truth, news media such as Fox or Newsmax or One America that peddle their profit driven opinions as being factual are only supporters of domestic terrorism,


    they seemingly do not care about what is truthful, only what pleases their radical viewers and the cash they spend to watch them,


    unfortunately, the political aspect of lying has taken a new low in its advancement of our democracy or should I say the defeat of our democracy,


    this all stems from the fearful, spineless support of our previous presidents agenda of revenge, racism and discord, these actions have finally caught up with the truth and are answered in a more profound way,


    the first amendment has been abused and is now exacting justice, it will do those that believed these lies to pay attention to the results that come from what is unfolding.