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    How can I get my Spiritual energy back


    I am a Seeker of Truth, I have been seeking truth for almost 50 years and am hoping to be able to help all of you to do the same,


    I am but one drop in the ocean of humanity that mingles with all of you in order to understand what it is and why it is that we are here doing what we do.


    There are many of you that do or wish to do what I am doing, you are seeking answers to many questions that perplex you, there are many ways that this may be accomplished,


    though it is not necessary to believe in God or the Tao, there does have to be a belief in your true self in order for any progress to be made,


    there is an intelligence within us and all around us that is illusive but hopes that we recognize its existence, we are all part of it and it is all a part of us,


    we need to be able to relax our preconceived beliefs and let go in order to be able to make the best use of this power,


    we all have competition in this seeking adventure and it is US, our material selves that live within the senses try to convince us that there is nothing more than meets the eye,


    our spiritual selves have no limitations as our material selves have, this is the part of us that we need to take notice of and learn from,


    our material self has all of the advantages going for it, the senses are its tools that it wields in order to sway us to its thinking,


    it is native to the 3-dimensional environment in which we now live and will deny any existence other than its own,


    God or a higher self is not in its agenda because it is not of the senses and is not even material in existence, its control of the ego is all that it wants, period.


    The Ego can be convinced of the existence of a true self or spiritual self and can be trained to remove some power from false personality (material self)